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Reviewed June 17, 2019

benjietinonga Waxhaw, North Carolina


If your looking for best boutique scuba diving in Roatan, LOOK NO FURTHER !!
You’ve found it – BOTTOM TIME SCUBA

Jay, Lavina & Ishmel will take care of ALL your needs. Awesome accommodation too!! They take care of all your scuba equipment. I had a new dive computer that I was using for the 1st time and had an issue with the Air Integration. Jay got it working and also let me use one of his analog pressure gage just in case I had an issue again. My wife and I will be diving with them as soon as we can get back to Roatan.

Reviewed May 24, 2019

travelindoc2001 Charlottesville, Virginia

Great diving in Roatan

We have stayed with the owners Jay and Lavina and gone diving with Bottom Time Scuba five times and have done over 50 dives with them. This is the best dive operation we have ever dived with. They have a great boat, are very knowledgable about the local dive sites, and they are extremely accommodating. On one of our trips our children and their spouses accompanied us. None are certified divers but both of the men did a Discovery Dive course with Jay so they could dive with us, and the women came along and snorkeled. We all had a great time. It’s called Bottom Time Scuba because they use steel tanks that hold more air than aluminum tanks so most of our dives have been over an hour long. This makes diving with them a great value as their prices are competitive with the other shops we have gone with on Roatan (Anthony’s Key, Mayan Divers, Octopus Dive) but the dives are longer. We are headed back to stay and dive with them again in a few weeks and we can hardly wait. At this point, we feel like we are going to spend time and go diving with good friends.

Reviewed April 22, 2019

Gerald LSaint Hippolyte, Canada

Another day in paradise on the nicest and greatest coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea

Why I waited til today to post my review of Papaya Place/Bottom Time Scuba Is that I wanted to have my signed confirmation for my reserved dates in hand for the next three years with Lavina and Jay before doing so to ensure my place here, I have that now:):) If you are a diver and are looking for a place to have peace of mind to sleep, eat, dive and repeat on the greatest and nicest coral reef in the Caribbean Sea, Well this is a five star place to stay. You have all the facilities needed to make your own food or the best restaurants in the area. You have the best PADI instructor on board, Jay Jeter from Bottom Time Scuba. With Bottom Time you dive with 100 square feet steel tank and you get a minimum 70 minutes a dive. There’s always a plan B if needed, no matter whether you are on the boat or at the Casita. Your mask or regulator breaks, there’s a other one on the boat, you get stung by a bee or jellyfish they have vinegar on board. You even have watermelon, pineapple and cookies between each dives. You never run out of electricity at the Casita because they have a generator.
These are all the little things that make all the difference between Papaya Place/Bottom Time Scuba and all the other Dive Centers and bed and breakfast places, they have it all and their staff make you feel like part of the FAMILY.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the family of Papaya Place for adopting me for the next three years.
Gérald Lachance (Mister Magoo Macdonald)
St-Hippolyte Québec Canada

Reviewed February 11, 2019

jrkompanik Wisconsin

Best dive company ever!!

Second time using bottom time dive company. Jay and Lavina are fantastic dive masters. Our second time using them this January 2019 had a great time. Love the steel tank dives where were able to stay under longer and see so much more. Fantastic set up, great equipment.
I have a tendency to be a nervous driver and Lavina was fantastic helping me get under water and a great dive buddy. We will continue to come back and visit them again and again. You guys are the best thank you

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